Room To Grow – Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

Choosing wallpaper for your children’s room is an exciting decision for you to make as there are so many options of colours, finishes and learning development levels to think about. It is important to give thought to what you are trying to achieve as the bedroom provides a place to play, learn and ultimately to have a restful night’s sleep.

You will also have to consider that the room will be updated as your child grows and as they will want to help co-design their own space interpreting their dreams of spaceships, forests, ballerinas, circuses or even living amongst dinosaurs. On average children’s rooms are updated every 4 years.

To start with, always look at colours as they provide the template from which to design. Pastel or warm colours with delicate pattern wallpaper provides a relaxing area within the room, whilst bright colours with louder patterns provide stimulation for a play or study area. Soft pastel spots work well to create a soft accent and large stickers are always fun and can be easily removed to give a quick update to the room. Finally, try to ensure that there is a clear visionary divide within the room that reflects a place to play and an area to sleep so your child can enjoy every moment of the day and have a restful night’s sleep.

For every child, there is something to discover within our Forest Friends collection of wallpapers with its enchanting designs including stunning friendly forest or safari animals, woodland backdrops, dinosaurs, trucks and cars, rainbows and pastel spots and a vast option of fabulous stickers small and large to compliment each design.