Layering in Interior Design

What do we mean when we talk about layering in interior design? Layering is the art of creating a design scheme which includes elements that cohesively blend together, adding depth and visual effect to the room.

Layering typically consists of 10 design elements which all complement each other. A designer will look to balance patterns, textures, shapes, colours, materials, furnishings, lighting, accessories and artwork to make a design statement. However, the first and most important element is choosing the right colour from which to base your scheme.

You can either do this by choosing a specific object in a bold or neutral colour or simply by looking at the entire scheme. Once you have chosen the prime colour, that will become the main platform from which to work from. Walls and floors will be the next considerations. When looking at walls, do you want to have flat paint for simplicity or add drama with some textured wallpaper or even a mix of both. Each of these elements add a layer but can be muted or impactful depending on what you choose. Floors even have a layer of their own as they could be wood, tile, carpet or have a rug as their final finished top layer providing an additional element of comfort and visual effect.

Then we look at soft furnishings. Shape is important, whether you select a harder geometric or soft profile or choose a contemporary, mid-century modern, traditional or an eclectic mix of styles, all add impact to the scheme. You can always add layers to your sofas and chairs by the addition of different patterned or textured cushions and throws.

Next, we decide on the furniture and here we look to add depth of colour even if it is wood, if your scheme is light, perhaps consider

a darker wood, if your scheme is very colourful, maybe a more neutral wood would be better. Lighting is also important as it adds visual depth whether you have mood lighting or simply go for an intriguing table lamp both greatly enhance the scheme. Our last few considerations are the finishing touches, your accessories, artwork and plants. Each should be carefully chosen to add its own original and interesting layer to what you have already accomplished. All in all, layering is fun, very rewarding and ever-changing as like all interior enthusiasts we love to add layers and make an impact.

Within our Vault and Napa collections we have chosen just a few examples that show you a blue and oyster scheme (as illustrated in our smaller image) to give you an idea of layering with samples and textures. Wallpapers featured are Vault 30114, and 91948 and fabrics from our Nappa collection NAP1779, NAP1769, NAP1762 and NAP1774. The wallpaper illustrated in the main image is Vault 91917.