Sustainability Within Interior Design

Sustainability and conservation go hand in hand, without this partnership, we will see diminishing resources across the world. Nothing is infinite. Everything even Darwin’s evolution is ever changing.

In the modern world we aim to improve and out perform previous achievements, whether they be in design, in sport, manufacturing or even in food production. Everything is being pushed beyond its existing boundaries. This in turn, causes resource and manufacturing issues which interior designers, furniture designers, architects and even town planners are trying to address within their designs and planning for the future. For example architects are using energy saving products using recycling materials and include passive heating and good ventilation design. Interior designers are looking to use recycled and reclaimed materials and furniture designers are using whatever materials they can get their hands on to create interesting and long lasting pieces of furniture.

However, sustainability is not to be confused with ‘green design’.

Sustainable design is for the long term with the emphasis on conservation and environmental protection. Green design focuses on the short term requirements and uses recycled materials and renewables. In considering the lasting effect of the design, designers often look to create interior products which are durable, timeless and are desired for long periods of time.

Here at Today Interiors, we too try to assist with this cultural practice and with this in mind we are launching our Iconic range of fabrics made from recycled polyester.

Fabrics illustrated are Iconic ICF1727 Sorbet, Iconic ICF1722 Straw, ICF1713 Dune, ICF1721 Putty, ICF1720 Biscuit and ICF1717 Sand.