Recycling – the world over!

As the world is becoming more aware of climate change and other natural world issues, the importance of living sustainably is now becoming a major priority. Both within the interior design and the fashion world, it is not only the manufacturers who are looking to improve their eco-friendly bias, but it is also driven by the sustainably conscious purchaser as textile wastage has been brought into focus.

Over the years textile and plastic wastage have become an increasing problem as it is costly to take away and takes a long time to decompose. That said recycled fabrics have become a must have!

The process of recycling is now top of mind and that in itself has enabled new processes to be created, bringing to the retail market insulation panels made from denim, wood effect looking veneers for furniture design using denim and hemp, polyester made from plastic waste, recycled; silk, wool and cotton amongst others.

Today Interiors prides itself in joining in with the eco-warrior battle and this is illustrated with our beautiful soft, woven sheer collection of Driftwood fabrics which comprises of recycled organic and natural fibre fabrics.

Fabrics illustrated are Driftwood DWD1642 Coast and Driftwood DWD1640 Cholla. Why not have a little recycling fun and have some Driftwood in your home?