Creating mural drama within your home

The definition of a mural is a painting that is applied to and made integral with the surface of a wall or ceiling. This technique has been around since prehistoric times with cave paintings, such as those in the South of France. Murals were also painted on the historic ancient Egyptian tombs as they provided some certainty of the perpetuation of life and the ancient Greeks and Romans adorned their houses with frescos and other types of murals purely for decoration. During the 20th century the term was revived with the ‘muralista’ art movement in Mexico and today murals form quite a large part of the interior design landscape.

Murals and wallpapers provide different looks; wallpaper creates an understanding of depth, space and dimension and are repetitive. Murals on the other hand are viewed in much more depth, unique, they can intrigue by using imagery which is oversized, or can give you distance, or simply they can be creative giving you escapism by illustrating a far away place or tropical shore.

Murals are also no longer constrained to the main rooms of the house as they can now be incorporated within bathroom schemes as new water resistant materials are now available. They have become so popular that searches online for ‘wall mural wallpapers’ have risen by 132% and ‘living room murals’ by 48%.

Within our Zanzibar Collection we have some exciting wall murals under the new label of  “Emil & Hugo” by Rasch Textil featuring two palm tree designs, and three colourways of the Katsu leaf design, both illustrated here.