Old World Influence – taking a contemporary look at the traditional stripe

Striped wallpaper became very popular in the Victorian times especially the wider stripe in the 1880’s and this trend has continued right up until today and has become one of our design classics. These banded lines quickly transform any interior and depending on what type of stripe you use, can provide either a traditional look or a modern backdrop.

There are many different types of stripes; horizontal, vertical, thick, thin, repetitive designs, abstract designs just so many to choose from but what to use and where? Here are some simple design elements which you can follow, for example, horizontal stripes are used for connecting spaces, making a room feel larger, more modern and playful. They are especially great for hallways or for a feature wall. Vertical stripes give the impression of creating height and drama and are often used in dining rooms, cloakrooms or bedrooms as they provide an element of sophistication and elegance.

There are also advantages to using different widths of stripes. If you have a small space, thin stripes can make the room look bigger, thicker stripes on the other hand should really be used in much larger rooms as they tend to be much bolder and a stronger feature. They can also create a sense of movement within the room and can be used anywhere in your home and in any colour. If you want to make the most striking of features, black and white stripes fulfil that brief.

For a timeless, eye-catching graphic statement why not consider using striped wallpaper and accessorising it with a striped rug or accent cushions. Within our Essence Collection we have numerous striped designs and if you are looking for a softer striped fabric, our Flint Collection is one to visit.