Creating illusions for cooler interiors

As far back as Knossos in Crete, Herculaneum in Italy, or even the Roman villas in Southern England, interior walls have been decorated with images that expand space – illusions that escape the reality of enclosure and ignite the imagination. This is interior decoration that pushes aside boundaries with artistic licence to bring home a sense of openness, size, nature and light.

Historically, rooms were often dark, typically with small windows and often frescoes were used as the remedy, as they allowed the indoors to be opened up with expansive sceneries that extended walls into corridors, showed off big architecture, displayed broad panoramas or endless skies. Perhaps the greatest period of fresco painting, with many examples still inspiring us today, comes from the Italian Renaissance, with the works of Cimabue, Giotto, Masaccio, Fra Angelico and of course, Michelangelo’s paintings within the Sistine Chapel.

Frescoes began to decrease with the introduction of oil paintings on hung canvases in the sixteenth century and were only revived briefly in the 20th Century with artists such as Diego Rivera. Today an element of fresco styling has returned with wallpapers, allowing us to recreate expansive and magnificent mural decorations.

Our Transition Collection designed by British artist Jonathan Caldwell, supports this rebirth and uses natural elements including a colour palette that spans from the coolness of water to the warmth of summer and embraces designs that depict architectural building facades and marbles, Japanese styled trees and even geese flying through watercolour clouds. You can join this mini renaissance, by investigating our fresco inspired wallpaper collection and see which designs may turn your indoor space into a dramatic vista or panorama.