Reach For The Seas and Skies

Blue is nature’s colour. It is the heavens reflecting off our sunny seas. Blue itself reflects happiness and hope. It summons us to reach further, to achieve more, go beyond limited boundaries. It is and will continue to be one of our favourite colours. Blue is also featured within 53% of the flags of the world and is chosen by more of the globe’s successful brands as well as adopted by many of our most elegant interiors.

For designers, blue’s vast array of different colour tones make it very versatile. Different tones can elicit different responses and emotions, for example, light blue is uplifting, spiritual and gives an air of serenity, whilst dark blue invokes trust, strength, dependability and cleanliness and is associated with luxury, royalty and elegance.

Using blue within your home interior design can be a lot of fun. Combine it with yellow or orange for a vibrant playroom. Or mix it with neutral tones to create a soft, warm inviting sitting room. Or even use it as an accent colour, like a deep azure blue sofa. Or create a backdrop of a pale sky blue as a feature wall, with accent chair cushions, each representing a window to different moods.

Today Interiors has numerous wallpapers and fabrics, which meet every design requirement. This month we are showcasing our Shiraz wallpaper collection, which was inspired by the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Within this collection is a beautiful cloud-like, mid-blue tone wallpaper FT42805. Blue tones also reproduce a coastal vibe and within our 3D collection we have wallpapers that reflect a pebbled beach. The image below shows TD31400, a wallpaper that is also available in a lighter grey version. Whether you are looking for an uplifting, calm and serene scheme for a bedroom or a coastal look for the sitting room or bathroom, we have the wallpapers and fabrics to make it happen.