Bringing Depth To Your Walls – Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper provides an additional layer to the room’s aesthetic and creates intrigue and depth. It is also very tactile and adds another dimension and can be used on all the walls or simply to provide an accent or feature wall.

If you want something that is more natural-looking why not investigate grasscloths as they are a subtle and more interesting alternative to a flat paint colour. Grasscloth is a collective term for sisal, seagrass, bamboo and jute and is manufactured using traditional handwoven looms. These wallpapers work well within a contemporary or traditional interior and feature within our Natural Textures range.

If you aiming to achieve a more rustic scheme why not look at a faux brick wallpaper or a concrete look as both provide a warm contemporary feel, whether it be in a natural colour tone or a brighter hue.
Metallics, on the other hand, reflect the light and incorporate lots of different textures and colours and can make a small room come alive, or transfer a large cold room into a cosy one. Within our Canvas Textures range you can choose from metallics, wood, concrete and even marble textures utilized within both a natural or urban environment allowing you to create a soothing tranquil space or something that has a bit more vibe.

If you would like to try something completely new why not visit our Opulence collection with its unique crush wallcoverings, patinas offered on soft matt, pearlescent or shimmering backdrops and striking wood grains enhanced by metallic borders, cork and textural fabric effects. Each wallpaper has its own personality so why not add some life to your home.