Sophisticated Satin In Spring

With luxury and soft lustre, satin brings a treasured, sumptuous, timeless elegance into Spring.

Originating over 2000 years ago in the Chinese port of Quanzhou, it was made exclusively from silk and was transported along the Great Silk Road into the Middle East until it eventually arrived in Italy which was the first western country to produce it. Satin became very popular throughout the rest of Europe in the fourteenth century and was seen to adorn some of the most influential people and historic homes including the Palace of Versailles.

It’s unique weaving pattern (also shared with sateen) is manufactured using four threads over one thread under, creating a float or missing interface which maximizes the visible threads on the top side of the fabric, giving it that trademark luxurious and elegant softness and shine and a dull underside appearance.

Today, little has changed in the weaving process and we continue to enjoy a fabric which possesses the best draping and wrinkle resistant qualities amongst all others.

Our Glint range of high lustre polyester satin fabric is available in a vibrant palette of 37 colourways ranging from Mimosa, Koi and Hydro through to neutrals such as Peyote and Albin and is suitable for curtains and soft furnishings for both the domestic and contract markets.

We also have our Volta range which  includes a stunning range of fabrics with square and diamond plissés and are available in neutral tones and contrasting shades of red and blue.